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Wonderful place to stay.

Perfect location for hiking and exploring the area. Read morePatrick, AirBnB

We really enjoyed our time at the Cinnamon Bear Cabin,

We'd definitely stay at the cabin again. Read moreKara, AirBnB

We really enjoyed our stay at CBC!

Definitely enjoyed his recommendations for the Mexican restaurant on the water after a long days hike! Read moreKelly, AirBnB

CBC was a great place to stay.

Everything about CBC was exactly as described. Read moreSally, AirBnB

Cabin is beautiful.

We had a very relaxing couple of days at the cabin. Read moreJustin, AirBnB

This cabin is great and is in such a central location to many things

The bedrooms could use curtains as the sun comes up early in the summer. Read moreBrett, AirBnB

Home was clean and comfortable with all the necessary amenities to ensure a nice stay at the home for the week. T

The Lake Cushman community is friendly and safe. Read moreBrigid, AirBnB

Great cabin!

Clean and spacious, with ample amenities. Read moreChenchuan, AirBnB

The cabin was a great place for our family get away

we wish we had stayed longer to explore the area more, hope to come back soon. Read moreTim, AirBnB

This was the perfect home base for our adventures on the Hood Canal.

The cabin had the perfect kitchen for big breakfasts, a great selection of games, and all the maps we could ever want for planning daily adventures. We really enjoyed our stay! Read moreEva, AirBnB

This was a great cabin close to a lot of different outdoor activities.

The house is clean and very well-stocked to help with the things that you may forget. Read moreDave, AirBnB

The host did a great job explaining everything about the house.

The area was beautiful, and there was a lot to do! Read moreKeeton, AirBnB

Beautiful, cozy cabin!

Getting there was easy and entry was simple! Read moreWilliam, AirBnB

The cabin was great.

The cabin was just as advertised, and close to so many beautiful trails. We were very comfortable and recommend the place to any who want easy access to Olympic National Park. Thanks. Read moreTony, AirBnB

The cabin was spacious, clean and literally had everything you could possibly need.

We wanted a home base while we explored Olympic National Park and Cabin was perfect! Read moreAdam, AirBnB

Cinnamon Bear Cabin was clean and comfortable,

I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to any couples or small families looking to get away. Read moreKatherine, AirBnB

We had a great time in this cozy and clean cabin.

Everything was so convenient to us. Read moreXuhong, AirBnB

Very comfy getaway!

Super convenient to reach from Seattle. Read moreKeagan, AirBnB

The cinnamon bear cabin was so perfect! Such a beautiful cabin in a prime location.

I highly recommend this cabin! Read moreJaclyn, AirBnB

Cinnamon Bear Cabin was charming and clean.

We had everything we needed to have a successful relaxing holiday weekend. Read moreJennifer, AirBnB

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