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"Outdoors For All" pays big smiles for rental use

Outdoors For All is a wonderful organization that provides transportation, equipment, lessons, guides and companions for disabled folks taking them skiing, camping and even horse back riding.

The first time we donated use of our giant sleeps 25 ski chateau they were so respectful that they slept in sleeping bags on the beds rather than muss the linens. The group started as Ski For All and has expanded into other areas of outdoor fun.

When we later called to say that wasn't necessary the "Ski For All" staff just laughed. "You don't understand. Sleeping in the mountain in a sleeping bag, even if its in a toasty bedroom, is a big adventure for most of these kids."

And that is when we realized how our little donation was a big deal for those who have less.

If you want to make kids and disabled adults smile themselves to sleep please consider donating your rental to this great organization.

You can find them at They have chapters in various cities.

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